Dancing with the Devil: A Forum on Violence

I remember watching the first Batman movie. No, not Batman Begins. I’m talking about 1989. Michael Keaton. Jack Nicholson. Keaton plays the wealthy, yet tormented Bruce Wayne who comes out of his cave at night with a cape, a mask, a fearless disposition and lots of crime-fighting gizmos. Nicholson plays Batman’s volatile, gimmicky foe, the Joker. Nicholson’s Joker is right off the comic book page: maniacal […]

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Restful Movement

Do you remember a time when you were caught in a drizzle, and then the downpour came? As you ran to shelter, the raindrops stung your face. The wind surged against your chest. Your stride became heavier and more burdensome as your shoes collected water from the puddles underneath you. Then, you stopped. Your shelter was nearby, […]

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