The Corinthian Way: Judgment

Not only did some Corinthians have an addiction to thinking and competing, they also loved to judge. They were apparently quick to point out wrongs in others, yet they had a lot of confidence in themselves. They were sure they had good vision. Paul told them otherwise. Sunday message from April 21, 2013.

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The Corinthian Way: Divisions

After Paul had spent over a year in ancient Corinth, sharing with them the spiritual awakening he had experienced, he got word that the Corinthian followers of Jesus were splitting into groups and arguing bitterly. They were competing and trying to make names for themselves. Like the Corinthians, we live in the midst of heated […]

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The Corinthian Way

After spending a great deal of time in the cosmopolitan city of ancient Corinth, Paul found out that the followers of Jesus there were in disarray. Different groups of followers were claiming to be better followers of Jesus than other groups. They were claiming to know more about Jesus than others. In his letter to these followers, […]

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What’s Keeping You Buried?

When Jesus was executed, his followers fled with feelings of fear and desperation. They had believed that Jesus was their Rescuer, but they were wrong…And then he showed up, alive and well, and instructed them to tell others what they had witnessed. But what had they witnessed? In time, they realized they had witnessed the […]

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