What We’ve Abandoned

After Peter receives the Holy Spirit, he eloquently and passionately tells a crowd who Jesus has become to him. In the crowd are some who had demanded that Jesus be crucified. Now, they are cut to the heart. What has changed? The message is the same; they have heard Jesus is Lord before. They must see something in Peter. Indeed, they see […]

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The Way of the Spirit

Sometimes we have a raw passion to start something. We yearn to experience something we have never experienced. Yet when we go after it we fail. And then worse, we compensate with something artificial in its place. The first followers of Jesus wanted to be trailblazers. They wanted to set the world on fire with the […]

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In Luke 21, Jesus warns a group of followers whom he sends out that they will face persecution, betrayal and maybe even death because of his name. He tells them that they will collide. But, he says that the collision will not be the end of anything. In fact, it will be the beginning. In Acts […]

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Sandra McCracken is Coming to St. Mark’s

Sandra McCracken will play a free, outdoor concert on Friday June 7 at 8:30 p.m at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Carmel, Indiana. Sandra is an independent singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Her music is deeply spiritual, vibrantly creative and skillfully polished. Learn more about her at http://www.sandramccracken.com/home. Sample her music at http://noisetrade.com/sandramccracken/desire-like-dynamite-album-preview.

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Under the Surface: the Bible

I looked up “scuba diving” on Wikipedia recently. Who knew that the history of underwater breathing and underwater vision was so riveting? (Get it? Boats, rivets … Nevermind.) Anyway, I learned, among other things, that people with nearsighted vision see better underwater than people with “normal” vision. It basically has to do with the way light is refracted in water as […]

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The Corinthian Way: Love IS

In Paul’s response to the struggles the Corinthians faced, Paul encouraged them to cultivate, if nothing else, the way that goes beyond, love. For Paul, to belong to Christ (to be Christian) is to receive and give his love, the gift of steady and graceful movement with God. Yet for so many of us, we have trouble believing […]

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A Way that Goes Beyond: Love Is

The church is in a great recession in America. That isn’t shocking for many of you, Christians and non-Christians alike. Worship attendance is going doooowwwwn. The number of folks around my age (27) who call themselves “unaffiliated” is going up. There’s a general murmur on the streets, a question deep in the bones of some of the […]

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