Why have you forsaken me? That is the question of the writer of Psalm 22. It seems that his suffering is so intense and prolonged that he feels abandoned and angry. Our human existence is filled with that sort of tragedy. And if that were not enough, we worsen the situation by saying things like, There is […]

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How Long?

Has there ever been a time in your life when you were afraid, and you were waiting for God to deliver you? And the more you waited, the more desperate and doubtful you became? It seems this sort of experience is represented in Psalms 6 and 13. In these verses, it seems that the psalmist […]

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Whom Shall I Fear?

The writers of psalms existed on a chaotic playground with lots of chasing and conflicts. When the psalmists were not being chased by threats, it might have been easy to sing a triumphant song of trust to God. But when threats surrounded the psalmists, fear and insecurity became reality. In the midst of that fear, […]

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Why do people plot in vain?

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of your day asking, why do people do what they do? Maybe you ask yourself, why do I do what I do? The characters of the bible asked those questions. They wanted to believe that where they were and what they were doing had significance beyond vanity. In their best moments, […]

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