Why have you forsaken me? That is the question of the writer of Psalm 22. It seems that his suffering is so intense and prolonged that he feels abandoned and angry. Our human existence is filled with that sort of tragedy. And if that were not enough, we worsen the situation by saying things like, There is a reason for everything. What if the more appropriate thing to do is to admit that we do not have the answers? What if the most important thing to do is to wrestle with God? After all, the people of God were named after a man who did just that.

Sunday message from August 25, 2013. The message incorporates NOOMA: “Whirlwind” by Rob Bell. ©2009 NOOMA.

2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I wrestled with God when I was 15 and had lost my best friend in a car accident. I started praying to try to understand it all. I wasn’t raised in a church. I wasn’t getting answers after several months of praying. But suddenly one day a quiet realization came to me and said, “it’s ok if I don’t have the answers, it’s ok.” I made peace with it after God spoke to me that day.

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