REborn: Recast the Net

Jesus had died and his followers were reeling. They had returned to their old patterns of living, because all they could imagine was that their journey with Jesus was over. After years of rising hope, they found themselves in a terrible rut. Life with Christ is like that for most of us. Highs and lows. When […]

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Redrawn in Grace

In a scandalous scene, a group of religious leaders drag a woman whom they have caught in the act of adultery in front of Jesus. They tell Jesus that scriptures say the woman should be killed. The reality is that the leaders have used the woman as an object in a moral game which is […]

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What Happened at the Well

What made stories about Jesus, beyond the stories themselves, so powerful is how they were first experienced. Aloud. They were told and heard, not read. Some of the first witnesses simply relayed what they had seen and felt about Jesus. One of the most powerful stories was one about rebirth and reunion at a well. […]

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Jesus once came into contact with an insider, a man who knew a lot about scriptures and tradition. The insider came across as a man who treated God, scriptures and life like pieces of technology, things to take apart and figure out. Things to master. Jesus tells the man that to see that which is above he needs to […]

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A King’s Hope

In The Shawshank Redemption, Red and Andy, the two main characters, have two very different perspectives about their lives in prison. Red is cynical. He embraces and depends on the prison. Andy is hopeful. He will try anything to break down the prison walls. In the end, Red becomes a man of hope, and hope carries both […]

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