New Heaven & New Earth

It seems that the apostles were energized by the unlikely reality that God wanted their friendship and collaboration in building a new heaven and new earth. Peter, for instance, talks with conviction about participating in the divine nature. Beyond that, though, the apostles were energized at the thought of the Lord’s return, the time when Jesus would […]

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Derek Webb: I Was Wrong

Derek Webb‘s coming to town and he’s telling everybody he was wrong, he’s sorry and he loves you. He’s encouraging us to practice that kind of confession in our lives, too…I think he’s on to something. A story. I stole a pack of grape bubble gum when I was a preschooler. My dad said I couldn’t have it, […]

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Jesus tells a parable, a particularly edgy one, which he concludes by saying, from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded. Jesus hopes that we will take seriously the idea that we are created for Life with God and entrusted with gifts to promote that Life. The ancient community of Christians […]

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The Zest of Saints

There are certain realities of our mortal human lives. Of course, the inescapable reality is death. Yet do our lives reflect that we are doing our best to run from death? Jesus comes to Earth to show us that we are created as very good, that we are destined for LIFE, and that we are entrusted with gifts […]

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