Christmas. Everything Will Change.

In the Christmas season, what the church calls Advent, we often turn to the voices of the prophets in the Bible. We do that because they tend to see the messes in which we find ourselves as humans with sharp eyes. Even better, they see with sharper eyes what God is doing, what God can do and what God will do in the midst of our messes. The prophet Isaiah saw that the Assyrians, the world power at the time, were coming to completely destroy God’s people. Yet, Isaiah saw something worse than any impending doom the Assyrians might bring. He saw that God’s people were putting their hope in everything else above God, so much so that God could show up on Earth and God’s people wouldn’t be ready. As we anticipate Christmas, it seems appropriate to ask, would Isaiah say the same to us? Would he say that we’re not ready for God to be With Us? It’s hard to imagine that he wouldn’t, but…

At Christmas, everything will change if we can begin to place our hope supremely in God above everything else…if we can embody that hope.

Sunday message from December 1, 2013.

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