Christmas. Everything Will Change. (Peace)

Video footage of predators hunting in the wild is…wild. Sometimes it’s hard to know who to root for. Although we may want a gazelle, for instance, to survive, we also may realize that a cheetah needs to do what it naturally does to survive, which is to hunt the gazelle. The prophet Isaiah, however, dreamed of a time when what is considered natural would change. He regretted that God’s people, his peers, resorted to competition and violence so naturally, as if it was their survival instinct. He envisioned that God would send a leader who would us show how to be peaceful, how to make peacekeeping our survival instinct. As we approach Christmas, we too hope for the One God will send to show us a new way of peace.

Sunday message from December 8, 2013.*

*There were Q&A segments at our gathering that are included. For the protection of those who asked questions, their names have been edited out.

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