Grace Upon Grace 3

What do you think God does when we sin (“miss the mark”)? This is a boringly basic question. It’s also one we can answer with our minds in way that doesn’t capture at all what we believe in our hearts. For some of us, we avoid being as open as we can be about our wrongdoings with God, because we […]

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Grace Upon Grace 2

The bible is full of moments that make us go, “Huh?” One of those moments happens in John 5 when Jesus asks a man who has been ill for 38 years, “Do you want to be made well?” If you think about it, it’s an absurd question. And then, if you think about it even […]

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Grace Upon Grace

Of all the Gospels (proclamations about the life of Jesus), the Gospel according to John presents the most cosmic and infinite picture of Jesus from the start. John says that Jesus is the mind of the Creator in flesh. He is God the Father’s unique Son on Earth. Why? John thinks God wants us to […]

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Now available: The CurrentCast. You can now get the messages from our Sunday gatherings as podcasts on iTunes. You can also listen to them or download them right here by right clicking the title: 11.9.14 – Treasure 2 11.2.14 – Treasure 10.26.14 – Ekklesia: Global 10.19.14 – Ekklesia: Local 10.5.14 – How We Talk About God: So 9.28.14 – How We Talk […]

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