NOW: Prepare for Action

As a community, we’re setting out on a new journey of lasting change: We’re studying 1 Peter, a letter written to new Christian converts around 50 years after Jesus, which challenges the new Christians to live counter-culturally as Jesus did–to follow Jesus in departing from our old patterns of sin into new patterns of eternal kingdom […]

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Easter: Raised and Unbound

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’d admit that we hear a voice from within that tells us we and our world our in constant need of transformation. Yet we may not follow that voice, because we’re afraid of what following it might require. We know we may have to face up to how things have been and […]

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Grace Upon Grace 6

A breaking point. Jesus rode into Jerusalem for the last time, and there was a breaking point. A great crowd of people had made up there minds about who Jesus was, and they acted accordingly. They crowned Jesus as the One Deliver King they’d been waiting for. It was a breaking point, because from that moment forward you […]

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Grace Upon Grace 5

The church is a divided house. This is not new, shocking news. Yet, in the 21st century there is an added component to this phenomenon, which has do with how people who consider themselves outside the church see the church. They see the church not just as a divided house; they see it as a divisive […]

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Grace Upon Grace 4

God comes to earth in Jesus in order that we might be filled with grace upon grace until it spills over into the world. In John 7, Jesus talks about rivers of living water flowing out of our hearts. For that river to spring up in us from the deep, we need to be proactive forgivers. We need to forgive […]

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