Grace Upon Grace 6

A breaking point. Jesus rode into Jerusalem for the last time, and there was a breaking point. A great crowd of people had made up there minds about who Jesus was, and they acted accordingly. They crowned Jesus as the One Deliver King they’d been waiting for. It was a breaking point, because from that moment forward you couldn’t not take a side. Is he the One, or is he not? It was all out in the open.

In reality, we don’t have such a breaking point in our time and culture. We’re not forced to take a stand publicly. Our breaking point looks much different. Yet it’s there all the same. What will we do?

Message from Sunday, April 13, 2014.


2 thoughts on “Grace Upon Grace 6

  1. OK, young one, what am I doing wrong? When I click on this page, the only thing I can see is this rapping advertisement. I’ve watched it twice, but I cannot figure out how to hear Sunday’s message? What am I missing?

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