Easter: Raised and Unbound

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’d admit that we hear a voice from within that tells us we and our world our in constant need of transformation. Yet we may not follow that voice, because we’re afraid of what following it might require. We know we may have to face up to how things have been and how things are. We know it will be ugly.

That might be why Jesus unsettles us so. Following his life, his teachings and his cross will absolutely require that we face up to reality in a brutally honest way (if we’re doing it well). This kind of facing up makes us look clumsy, stupid and vulnerable. It will lead us to struggle and sacrifice. However, if we face up and keep facing up, we’re going to experience new life right here and right now! Yes, we will continue to look clumsy. We will continue to struggle deeply. There will still be sadness and tragedy. But if we can keep following with a shovel in our hands, Easter tells us we are working towards all things be completely new one day.

Message from April 20, 2014.

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