NOW 2: Exiles

1 Peter is a letter addressed “to the exiles.” The problem is that the people who received this letter weren’t people in exile. They were mostly people who grew up and had lived where they were for a long time. The readers of the letter might have asked this question: How are we exiles? And then, how are we away from home? Finally, how do we live out what we believe away from home? For those people in that time and that culture, it ultimately meant that when they were abused, they would not return abuse; it meant that they would follow Christ unto death.

Most of us don’t suffer physical abuse for what we believe, and so we can’t relate to these verses. Yet, Jesus and those who suffered after him for what they believed passed down a legacy to us. We are called to be faithful exiles. We have to ask ourselves, what are the questions of our culture and our time? How do we live into God’s Eternal Kingdom here and now? If we are people who follow Christ and long for our eternal homeland, how will we live?

Message from Sunday, May 4, 2014.


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