The Voice 2

When we read any of the letters in the New Testament–to the Romans, Galatians, etc.–we are actually reading somebody else’s mail, Richard Hays says. By reading the mail of the ancient Corinthians, a group of new Christians in ancient Greece, we learn what we can’t miss if we’re going to learn who God is and who we […]

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The Voice

The Holy Spirit is mentioned repeatedly in the bible. Jesus said he must go away so that the Companion, aka the Holy Spirit, could come to us. Jesus said we need this Spirit of Truth to guide us into all truth. Paul said you can’t say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit. So what is the Spirit? Why Spirit? […]

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NOW 6: the Day

Are we there yet? Following Jesus can feel like an eternal groaning with that question. The ancient letters attributed to Peter call us to see that we are exiles, strangers in a strange land, people who aren’t at home in the culture of this world, people who embrace Jesus’ countercultural way and follow him back to our eternal homeland, […]

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