The Voice 7: Talking About Belief

Evangelism, or storytelling, is first listening. Then it’s action. Then, it’s talking. But when it comes down to it, how do we talk about what we believe?

The Corinthians valued evangelism that involved a big vocabulary and big brains. For them, a credible follower of Jesus and person telling God’s story was someone who could weave fancy words into a well-constructed argument. Paul wrote to them to stop them in their tracks with that kind of thinking.

Paul said the Cross is foolishness. It makes no sense in our human wisdom, so it also makes no sense to talk like it does. It makes no sense to treat the Cross like it’s merely something to admire and master.

The Cross is foolishness until you experience it. Until you believe in God’s work through it and live it. And that’s the best way to talk about it, to talk about simply, honestly and boldly about what it’s done to us as we’ve lived it.

Message from Sunday, July 27, 2014:


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