How We Talk About God: Hum

It seems in the globalized, diversified culture in which we find ourselves, we need to seriously think about how we talk about God. There may be no better story to lead us in that thought process than Jonah, a story about a guy who hears God calling him to get up and go to where his worst enemies live to […]

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The Lord’s Prayer

Guest speaker Hannah Wehmeyer challenges us with these questions: Do the words we pray, especially words we might pray regularly, have meaning to us? Are we speaking them with understanding? Are they changing us? Or are they just an empty recitation spoken when called for on a Sunday morning, for instance? As Jesus seems to suggest […]

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“Sabbath” is a word that gets thrown around a lot in religious circles. It’s a word/concept that matters a whole lot in the biblical world. So what is it, and why must we practice it weekly? The Spirit-filled Christian saints who have emerged before us reveal this truth: the Christian life is all about rhythm–slow […]

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