How We Talk About God: BEYOND

HUM OPEN BOTH WITH FOR BEYOND. Maybe as our minds are baffled sometimes, our hearts are changed. Maybe that’s how we talk about God. Maybe God can move us beyond even when we’re hurt, angry and frustrated. Maybe God moves with us through complicated things to way bigger things. Message from Sunday, September 28, 2014.

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How We Talk About God: FOR

What do cows, enemies, prodigals, wanderers, disciples and heretics have in common? God is FOR them all, which is a way of saying God is for us. Which means… God never, ever quits in desiring them. (Okay, the cows may be a stretch.) God never gives up hope that they’ll turn around and be open […]

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How We Talk About God: WITH

HUM…OPEN…BOTH… And now…WITH. If there’s one word we could use to talk about God, WITH is it. More than anything, if we’re talking about the God who’s humming actively in all people and teaching us in metaphors and real events, we’re talking about a God who is with us.  Why is WITH the building block of any conversation […]

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How We Talk About God: Both

As we continue a (re)new(ed) conversation about God, our next word, after HUM and OPEN, is BOTH. We love the either/or framework of knowing things. We’re also skeptical of it. For instance, we like to label others, but we don’t like to be labeled. It’s either science or faith, profane or sacred. He’s either Democrat […]

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How We Talk About God: Open

Hum. Open. Those are our first two words for talking about God (which we’re taking from Rob Bell’s What We Talk About When We Talk About God).  Hum. First, we’re talking about a God who’s making noise inside us, all of us. Open. Second, we’re talking about the God of narrative. In other words, we’re talking […]

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