Ekklesia: Global

It’s easier than ever for us to look big picture. A quick trip over to our Twitter feed or Facebook timeline or whatever other social media outlet (maybe all of them at the same time!) and we get an instantaneous overview of what’s happening globally.

Paul wrote a letter to churches in Rome long, long ago to help them see themselves as a part of the big picture. He wanted the Roman Christians to know that, though they were in the eye of the storm, what they were doing locally mattered on a global scale. That is, he wanted them to know that the ways they were living out their faith locally were part of something that spanned time, space and ethnicity. 

Ultimately, ekklesia, or God’s movement to gather all of us into one flock is universal and eternal. It’s a BIG redemption story, and we have a role to play.

Message from Sunday, October 26, 2014.



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