The Gospel According to “Like”: The Devil Rushes In

In his book Immortal Diamond, Richard Rohr says, “We are all looking for an immortal diamond: something utterly reliable, something loyal and true, something we can always depend on, something unforgettable and shining.”

While we’re all looking for that, our culture tries to sell us this other counterfeit mineral: being liked. When we buy in, we try to build ourselves up merely with others’ acceptance and affirmation. Yet we were made in the image of the Immortal Diamond. We were made to realize the fullness of that.

In the Gospel of Luke, in the pressure and heat of the desert, Jesus shows us that he is the Immortal Diamond, the Son of God. As Jesus claims who he is, the devil rushes in to tempt him away from his identity and purpose on earth. The devil tests Jesus’ sense of desire, his sense of status and his sense of security. Yet Jesus is steady and solid like a diamond.

As we turn away from our obsession with being liked (and other counterfeit realities) and we turn towards an exposing and redemptive relationship with Jesus, we find that we are pieces of the Immortal Diamond. We are steady and solid as Jesus is steady and solid. But beware: As we make that turn, the devil will rush in.

Message from Sunday, January 11, 2014.

Image: “Diamond blade macro” from Hustvedt (creative commons)

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