Jesus Calling

So how do we follow Jesus?

What a simple question. It’s so simple, in fact, and it’s been repeated so many times that maybe we’re sort of over it. We might even roll our eyes at such a question.

Nonetheless, it’s a question we can never quit asking and thinking about…because following Jesus, aka discipleship, is the essence of Christianity. It’s what it means to be Christian, to belong to Jesus.

Maybe we could explore this question anew by paying close attention to the first moments of discipleship–those moments where Jesus called his first followers to him, those moments where those people whom he called responded. By really trying to walk in the disciples’ and Jesus’ sandals in “the first 24-48 hours” maybe we can see what it means to follow Jesus. Maybe we can see what it isn’t. And then maybe we can see–at least a beginning–of what it is.

Message from Sunday, January 25, 2014.

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