Love Is Patient

Everybody loves love. Songwriters obsess over it. Philosophers pine for it. Filmmakers try to capture it. So when Christians say, “They will know we are Christians by our love,” there’s really nothing unique about that. Unless there is. Unless people who belong to Jesus experience and receive an altogether different love. Unless people who belong to […]

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The JOY Challenge

Initially, we called this “The BUT Challenge” (inspired by this video). We wanted to do something over the Lenten Season, the season of preparation for Easter, to actively challenge the BUTs that keep us from being committed followers of Jesus. (BUT I don’t know where to start. I will eventually BUT I need to get this or […]

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Jesus Calling 4

In our last week of Jesus Calling, a series about responding to Jesus Christ’s invitation to follow him, we reflect on this: Following Jesus means that we struggle to believe that God’s peace will prevail. When we walk slowly thought the dramatic, relevant story of Mark 4:35-41, we see that this is the case. First, a member of […]

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Jesus Calling 3 (with Tom Heaton)

In our third week of Jesus Calling, we wanted to focus on this: Following Jesus means we’re on a mission to share Jesus’ message and healing. Tom Heaton, the Executive Director of Mission Guatemala and ordained elder in the Indiana Conference of the UMC, knows about that mission. He also knows about what gets in the way of […]

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Jesus Calling 2

Being a Christian is all about following. Even though following is not a popular practice in our culture, being a disciple of Jesus is a lifelong practice of growing as a follower of Jesus. So what’s it mean to follow Jesus? Generally, it’s not business as usual. So what is Jesus’ business? The answer to that might be in Mark […]

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