The Ancient Revolution: Jesus Is Lord

In every explosive Jesus movement across time and space, there have been a few constants. In his book, The Forgotten Ways, Alan Hirsch outlines those constants–what he calls the “mDNA”, or missional DNA, of Jesus movements.

Obviously, if we’re talking about Jesus movements, aka the Church, the best place to start is with the first movement, the most ancient Jesus revolution. In AD 100, there were several thousand followers of Jesus. By AD 300, after two centuries of widespread, devastating persecution, there were several million Christians. How did this happen? What was going on with these first followers?

And then, here’s the most crucial question: What about now? What aspects of this first revolution might not be so ancient after all? What practices and inspirations do we require now?

For Hirsch, it starts here: Jesus is Lord.

Message from Sunday, April 19.

P.S. We watched this video during the message.

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