The Ancient Revolution: Inside Out Discipleship

There was once an ancient Jesus revolution that grew from several thousand followers to several million in 200 years. There have been other Jesus movements that have had similar impacts, deep and wide impacts. Alan Hirsch believes that each of these movements had the same or similar “mDNA”, or missional DNA.

Last week, we talked about how the epicenter of all these movements was/is this belief: “Jesus is Lord.” In other words, in Jesus’ face, people realized they saw the face of God; in Jesus’ words, the mysteries of God; and in the work of Jesus’ hands, the work of God the Father. It was a simple claim of identity, of Jesus’ identity.

And the second characteristic of all these booming movements grew directly out of that claim about Jesus: discipleship, or committing to following Jesus. People realized if they followed Jesus, they were waking up to their true identity. By being Jesus’ disciples, they realized they were igniting God’s image inside of them, the Christ-likeness within.

These early followers, the pioneers of the first Jesus movement, were all about walking with and learning how Jesus walks.

Message from Sunday, April 26, 2015.

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