The Ancient Revolution: Movement Mindset

If we stop and think about it, some of the most impactful transformations in history have been the result of movements. Dr. King spearheaded a movement. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Lucretia Mott sparked movement. And, yes, Jesus Christ ignited a movement.

Of course, it was so much more than a social movement (and the others were also, to be fair). It was a movement of Spirit. It was God’s movement embodied in the people who believed Jesus is Lord, the people who patterned their entire lives after Jesus. It was a movement of mission, of being sent into every space of the Earth to awaken the Gospel of God’s redemption in Jesus.

When we look at the “primal Jesus movement”, as Alan Hirsch calls it, we see that their mindset was all about movement. They didn’t operate as a top-down hierarchical institution. They did have structure, but it was structure that gave life to movement. The early followers were a cell-based network guided by mission, or DNA.

In 2015, the Spirit of Jesus calls us to be a movement again.

Message from Sunday, May 17, 2105.

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