At the Table: Obedience

After we get close and stay close to our neighbors, neighborhoods and cities (proximity), we have to be obedient if we are going to let others know they belong at Christ’s table. We’re going to have to be obedient if we’re going to seek the welfare of the places to which we’ve been sent (Jer. 29).

There may be a problem, though. Obedience may not be what we think it is.

With Jesus, obedience is not what it is in the world. Obedience is not something that earns us acceptance, love or promotion. In Jesus, obedience is all about how we accept, love and promote people and places because we are already accepted and loved at the table of Jesus Christ. 

The Apostle Paul is obedient that way. He isn’t obedient to earn something. He is obedient because he already is something in Christ, and he sees according to the Spirit of Christ.

Message from Sunday, July 19, 2015.


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