BASIX: Sharing Meals

The earliest believers were devoted to their shared meals. That was one of their basic practices for living out faith in Jesus. Its seems that God gave them special rest through their shared meals. God wants to do the same for us.

Message from Sunday, October 4, 2015:

The list of ten at the end of the message:

  1. Be mindful in the preparation.
  2. Encourage participation in the preparation.
  3. Pause and pray (with purpose; to acknowledge that the Creator is the source of the meal and every person sitting around the table; to thank God for redemption love of Jesus; to invite the Spirit of Jesus to be present.)
  5. Eat restfully, not quickly.
  6. Listen. Listen.
  7. Avoid excess and waste (especially at big gatherings).
  8. Generally, day-to-day, consider how you can help a neighbor to break bread. If it’s your passion, get into hunger relief. Liz Rix can help you to know how to plug in at St. Mark’s (
  9. Consider this: Is there somebody you need to break bread with?
  10. Celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

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