All Is Gift 4: Freedom

We’ve been talking about how everything we have is a gift from God for us, for our neighbors, for the Eternal Kingdom.

The most dangerous gift God ever gave was freedom–our ability to make free choices. God did that for the sake of real relationship. After all, if God forced us to make choices for the good, that would be no relationship at all.

On Friday, men used their free choice to spread darkness and evil. What can we do? What do we do with our freedom?

In a letter long long ago, the Apostle Paul talks about freedom. He talks about how the ways in which we make free choices–ordinary choices–in the here and now demonstrate whether we acknowledge our common connection. He talks about how as Christians our hands, feet, stomachs, mouths–everything–is connected to the body of Christ. This body, Paul suggests, is walking toward resurrection, the renewal of all things into light. So…everything we might do with our freedom–with our hands, feet, stomachs, mouths and so on–is an opportunity for us to live in connection with the body of Christ. Everything we do is a chance for us to use our freedom as people of Holy Spirit and light.

And one by one we proclaim with our free choices, “I AM LIGHT.” We become a crescendo of voices until evil and darkness look absurd. Then one day Christ proclaims once and for all, “It is finished.”

Image: From Benh LIEU SONG via Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons).

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