The Greatest Gift 1: Expecting & Accepting

I was with my nephew as he experienced Home Alone for the first time recently. I was struck by how purely excited he seemed to be. I thought to my self, Man, I’d love to feel that again.

But then I also thought, But we can’t stay there forever. In other words, we have to grow up. I mean, we should always value the importance of “child-likeness” as Jesus commands us to. However, when it comes to Christmas, we are all meant to encounter the deeper, more challenging essence of Christmas.

We can do that my stepping into the shoes (as best we can) of Mary and Joseph. We can consider what it meant for them to accept their role in Jesus’ birth. We can try to imagine what sort of miracle they expected, which helped them to fully accept their role in bringing that miracle to fruition.

Do you expect a miracle with Christmas? Have you fully accepted the reality of that miracle?

Image: 20th Century Fox via

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