The Greatest Gift 3: Love

When you doing something wrong, what do you imagine about God (if you do at all)? Do you think God is mad? Wrathful? Disappointed? Hosea, a prophet we don’t usually look to around Christmas, gives us a glimpse of what God “feels.” (His context was the 8th century BC, so a little different time, but…) When God’s people […]

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The Greatest Gift 2: Under Cloudy Skies (Giving Up on Perfect)

The world has a way of situating us underneath dark skies, telling us it’s meant to be that way, telling us it always will be. Standing underneath those clouds, we begin to see things in terms of impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible…We become stagnant, immobilized. Then, the Christmas story unsettles us. Because you have a person–Mary–who had dark, dark clouds […]

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