limit(less) 1: the blessedness of limits

Do you ever get nervous for characters when you’re watching a movie–even though you sort of realize the characters are fictional? Movies are especially tense when a character lives a lie, when a character lives beyond the limits of his/her true identity.

God blesses us–unveils “complete joy” in our lives–when we prayerfully and intentionally live within the limits of true identity in Christ. Sounds great, huh? But what does that mean? Luckily, John the Baptist gives us an idea.

JTB refuses to live beyond the limits of his identity, even though some “important people” invite him to consider that he might in fact be a very important person. John doesn’t aim to fix the world, win the world or build his own empire. He embraces his simple role in God’s redemption in Jesus Christ.

Message from January 3, 2016:

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