limit(less) 2: true image

If we were honest and self-reflective, the truth is that most of us can’t help but spend much of our time manicuring and managing an image for ourselves. We live as if we’re in the market for a public relations firm.

If Jesus had a public relations firm, they would have advised him against doing basically everything he did. For instance, they would have told him to stay away from John the Baptist. John’s “image” wasn’t so hot.

Yet, if we look closely at Jesus’ life, we see the he didn’t waste time managing his image. In fact, he was willing to let other completely tarnish his image. Why? It’s hard telling, but a primary reason may be that he knew who he was in relationship to His Father.

He also knows something about us…He knows that we already have an image…the image of God. He knows that if we humbly follow him and surrender our need to manage our image, God will speak for us about our true image…about who we truly are.

Message from Sunday, January 10, 2016:

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