limit(less) 4: parts of a whole

It seems to me that God’s whole reason of creating and redeeming is that God wants people to bless people to be a blessing (i.e., God-relationship). I even wonder if blessing is not a choice for God as much as it is a natural outflow of God’s nature—who God is. When we jockey for position with each other (which is totally living beyond limits of our humanity and also falling victim to the limited economy of the world), God can’t bless that because it’s not who God is.

God’s nature is to bless us when we realize we’re made by God to bless each other…like a body with parts that work together. Jesus Christ reveals exactly this. Jesus has redeemed us to be a body with many parts. Or if we think of it in terms of a field, God has poured out love to us in Jesus so that we would be like billions of half-acre plots that form a majestic fruitful field.

Message from Sunday, January 24, 2016:

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