limitless 5: what is finished?

In John’s account of Jesus’ life, Jesus’ last words are: It is finished. Though we may think we know what “it” is, perhaps an examination of our lives would reveal that we actually don’t know. In other words, if we examined our lives with the most honesty we can muster, would we find that we’re living like we have something to earn or prove.

The good news of Jesus is that God has finished something in Jesus Christ, which has started something completely new and eternal in us.

So, what is finished? Maybe that’s not a question to be answered as much as it is a question to be carried.

Message from Sunday, January 31, 2016:

One thought on “limitless 5: what is finished?

  1. I wish the music, especially that which closes the sermon were recorded! It is so impactful as a follow up to the message! It is often in those moments that I am brought to tears as the presense of The Lord is so powerful. Since I am in CA listening to this, my soul deeply missed that portion of the service! Norma Wiseman ❤️🙏🏾❤️

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