The Road Less Traveled: Resurrection

In their song, “Believe”, Mumford & Sons haunt us with these words:

I don’t even know if I believe
I don’t even know if I believe
I don’t even know if I wanna believe…

Having belief is hardest when it comes to Jesus’ Resurrection. On the one hand, it’s an otherworldly order of transformation that challenges us at our deepest rational core. On the other hand, it’s the kind of transformation that confronts the worst of what’s gone wrong, of everything that wasn’t meant to be.

And yet the Easter message is simply this: God raises things from the dead.

Maybe that’s a message–a reality–we don’t know if we believe. Perhaps it’s also a reality we don’t want to believe, because it means we will live differently. It means we will follow Jesus into a confrontation with what has gone wrong. It means we will believe that the results are ultimately out of our hands.

But if we believe…if we want to believe…then we give ourselves at all costs to Jesus. We give control of the results over to God’s hands. In those hands, all things will be made new starting now. They will be new for all of eternity.

Easter message 2016:

Image: Capernaum Church, Ross Stackhouse


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