The Difference 4: Sense AND Spirit

We are people of flesh, of senses–sight, smell, sound, taste, touch. Our senses are a gift. In many ways, they–in connection with our cognition–is what makes us us. And yet we are so much more.

When we stand in front of the ocean. When we witness the birth of a child. When we stand underneath the Northern Lights on a summer night. When we meditate with incense. It is at these times and others when we know we are people of sense and that our senses and mind are not enough. We are more.

We are people of spirit. We are destined to be people filled with Holy Spirit. We are redeemed and called to be the difference in the world by the power of the Spirit in Jesus Christ.

Message from Sunday, May 22, 2016:

Image: Intercessory Prayers by Ruth Palmer

Song (in the audio file): “Hole in the Ocean the Floor” by Andrew Bird

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