Wisdom for All Ages 1: the Right Path

For the next three weeks, we are doing a special kind of family worship on Sunday mornings. We’re inviting our kids to be with us for the entire hour of worship–a practice that we’re going to carry into the future. There are many reasons, but the primary one is that Jesus suggests that children should be at the center of our churches.

So we’re doing a series called Wisdom for All Ages. It’s “for all ages” in the sense that it’s for adults and children alike. It’s also in the sense that it’s wisdom inspired by the Book of Proverbs, so it’s ancient wisdom–time-tested wisdom of God’s Spirit–that is relevant for current issues. We’re taking the most central themes of Proverbs and seeing how this rich wisdom can help us–all of us–to walk with God wisely.

Speaking of path, path is a huge theme in Proverbs. It’s the go-to image in the collection of sayings. Over and again, Proverbs tells us to walk on the right path…especially when it’s hard.

But what is “the right path”? How can we tell the difference between right and wrong? Perhaps it’s not so black and white. Listen to the message from Sunday, July 17, 2016, for more.

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