Wisdom for All Ages 2: the Power of Words

If you read through Proverbs, there is a theme that continues throughout the writing. It’s sort of boring. It’s not at all sensational. It’s one that won’t turn people’s heads. That theme?

Words really matter. What you choose to say and, perhaps more so, what you don’t choose to say makes a big difference in the world. There is power in words.

Boringly obvious, right?

Yet when you dig deeper (as we always must do with Scripture), there is rich wisdom for all ages. Because it’s not just about our words. It’s about where our words come from. 

The thinkers behind Proverbs tell us over and again that words are the fruit of what’s going on in our hearts. They are a product of an internal process, much like bees’ process of making honey. Words flow from within. (And for the record, Jesus agrees — Matthew 12:33-37.) And that’s why words have power, because they carry with them the deepest convictions and conditions of our hearts.

So to watch our words is the same as watching our hearts. Now that’s wisdom.

Listen for more: 

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