Images of God: Father/Mother

We have used this phrase a lot in Christian circles: “Our Father.” It’s an image that’s all over the Bible. For some folks, that might not be so helpful in picturing God. For others, maybe it’s very helpful. Here’s a question though : Is it a good image–one to which we should give special focus […]

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Images of God 1: Big and Close

Genesis 1:27 says,   God created humanity in God’s own image,         in the divine image God created them,             male and female God created them. The image of God. Christian writers–including the New Testament writers–fell in love with this concept. They became enamored, and still are, with the truth that humans are created in the image of […]

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Wisdom for All Ages 4: Fear of the Lord

Everything had fallen apart… This is the context for so much of Scripture, including Wisdom Literature. Wisdom Literature–Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, etc.–was probably assembled after the golden era of King David was over, after the temple had been destroyed, after God’s people had completely lost their sense of security. So in many ways, Wisdom Literature is […]

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