X-MEN: the Glow of Heaven

In the summer months, there is a creature that is so common in the dark of night that we perhaps overlook its beauty. And yet we cannot overlook the firefly’s glow if we’re thinking about what it means to belong to Christ and be holy.

The firefly is able to glow, in large part, because it can handle in its body an oxygen molecule that contains an extra electron. With this superoxide anion, the firefly brings light to the night (read more about that here.)

Holiness in Xristos is like that. Holiness is a daily, lifelong journey of dying with Christ and being raised with Christ. It is taking inventory of our lives through spiritual practices, and letting that which is ungodly die with Jesus at the Cross. When we do that intentionally and humbly, holy practices grow in us. The very holiness of heaven–which is of perfect peace and unity–glows through even in the darkest places on earth.

As holy people, we signpost the future in which God finishes the reconciliation of all things on earth to heaven.

image: from “Big Changes for 2016: Synchronous Elkmont Fireflies Event in the Smoky Mountains” at http://www.visitmysmokies.com/blog/smoky-mountains/elkmont-fireflies-event-smoky-mountains/; accessed October 4, 2016.

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