The Gratitude Path 4: Currency & Economy

The Church has sent some bad messages about money.

Give 10% because the Bible says so; it’s your duty.*

Give because we have a need.

Give because God’s going to give you stuff in return.

Make no bones about it. We’re called to give our money. We’re called to open our lives–everything we are and everything we have–to God’s purposes. But the above reasons aren’t good reasons.

The reason we give is because the currency of our lives is grace, not the dollar or euro or shekel or peso. The currency of our lives is God’s power and love–given freely in Jesus Christ and poured into our lives through the Holy Spirit. It’s incomparably valuable and abundantly available to all people. We only have to receive it and be joyful about it.

The reason we give is because we belong to the economy of joy in Jesus Christ, not an economy of capitalism or socialism. Jesus says, “I have said these things to you so that my joy will be in you and your joy will be complete.” When we give our money out of our joyfulness for grace, we make others joyful, and then they become generous towards others, and then those people become joyful in God…and generous…joyful…generous…joyful…generous.

To hear more, listen to the message from Sunday, November 6, 2016:

*I do think 10% is a good starting place, but not out of duty–that’s like paying your taxes to God!

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