The Family Tree 4: Joseph

To close our reflections of Jesus’ family tree in preparation for Christmas, we looked at the last man in the family tree, Joseph. Somehow Joseph managed to get little to no publicity in spite of the fact that he was Jesus’ dad. Mary, the mother of Jesus, has received a lot of attention and rightfully so. Joseph? None.

He’s the most unremarkable, boring, important person in the Bible.

And people disregarded him for that–his ordinariness. People in Jesus’ hometown disregarded Jesus because his father (and family) was boringly common.

The only strong statement we have about Joseph is this: He was a righteous man (Matthew 1:19a). Joseph was simple, common and righteous. He was right in his relationship with God, right in the relationships that mattered, and when God gave one or two things to do, he did them.

Jesus comes to bless such ordinariness. He comes to mobilize “common” people as Spirit-filled sons and daughters of God.

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