IMMORTAL 2: Weeping God

In the face of mortality, we feel…whatever we feel. We feel a lot of things, and no one feels the exact same way in the exact same sequence as anyone else. And yet, we all seem to make our way to sadness–sometimes inconsolable sadness–and silence, because sometimes there just isn’t much to say.

Where is God in all this?

We say Jesus establishes that God is with us. But what does that mean? A key to this is exploring the emotions of Jesus as he faced mortality. In his humanity–his mortality–Jesus felt.

He felt everything. With us. To shepherd us to a place where we weep no more.

Sunday message from January 15, 2017:

Image: Statue of Jesus weeping. Placed by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City across the street from the Oklahoma City Memorial. Photo by Ron Hendricks. Via

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