Standing in Grace: Why Be Good

If you get on social media platform for even a short period of time these days, you will see different prescriptions for what we need to be doing to fix our problems and why each prescription is the right one (and others are wrong).

Along these lines, the Apostle Paul faced a question from early Christian communities (and opponents) in Rome: Why be good? Specifically, in the world of God’s grace through Jesus Christ, what’s to keep a person from sinning so that grace can increase?

Why be good in God’s world of grace?

For Paul, if you’ve woken up to how grace works, that question fades and a new one emerges: How can one not be good? John says it this way: We love because God first loved us.

In the world of grace, God’s abundant goodness towards us in Jesus Christ compels us to pour out good into the world.

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