40 Days of Change: Garments & Wineskins

We don’t like change. We like what we know. This is difficult for followers of Jesus, because…

Jesus calls us to change of heart and life.

He says, “I didn’t come to call righteous people but sinners to change their hearts and lives” (Luke 5:32, CEB). Jesus calls us to big change, to change from the inside out. It’s this change, in particular, we don’t like.

Jesus’ change is systemic. It’s a shift in paradigm.

It’s change that mixes us up and makes us whole; change that lasts our whole lives and endures after we die; change that affects our worldview and makes us love the world and everyone in it.

Jesus’ change is good and eternal. How do we do it? Listen to the Sunday message for more:

Discipline 1*: Pray the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning, middle and end of the day. Pray it slowly and thoughtfully. Consider other versions of it.

*As a part of 40 Days of Change, we’re inviting people to participate in the Lenten Challenge with us. Each week, participants will implement a a new discipline (and continue those from previous weeks). Feel free to email me to let me know you’re taking part in the challenge (rstackhouse@stmarkscarmel.org). I’d love to journey with you!

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