40 Days of Change: Out of Control

Sometimes we’re made to realize we don’t have the control we thought we had…

when what we expected just doesn’t happen. Such a loss of control can be traumatizing. It can also be wonderful. When we realize that we’ve lost the control we thought we had and embrace it, life can get good. God can get to unveiling the good.

When we lose our control and put the full weight of our trust on Jesus, God’s goodness surprises us again and again and again.

And yet, if we’re honest with ourselves, we know our schemes to establish and preserve our sense of control are subtle and complex. We know we can talk about trusting God but enacting that trust by searching out ways we need to release control is something we’re not so willing to do.

But when we enact trust and follow Jesus in practical ways, God’s goodness has a way of showing up. Good change happens in our hearts and lives.

Message from Sunday, March, 12, 2017.

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