Living Conviction: Faithful Action

We are well scripted in another time another place thinking.

In elementary school, we’re cautioned about what lies ahead in middle school. In middle school, we’re told about what we won’t get away with in high school. In high school, we’re prepared for the rigor of college. In our careers, we work for promotions and raises.

Such thinking disconnects us from the fullness of the present.

After all, our actions in the present don’t genuinely matter. They matter only insofar as they prepare us for some promotion in another time and another place.

Sometimes the church has focused on another time and place thinking when talking about faith and salvation.

Faith and salvation primarily have to do with what happens to us in another time and another place. Our actions only matter insofar as they are connected to that time and that place. And that connection is loose because, after all, our faith and salvation take us to another place.

The letter of James reminds us that faith in Jesus gives us something good to do right now, because the kingdom of heaven isn’t coming anywhere else but to this place.

James reminds us that Jesus came to bring God’s kingdom to this place, starting now. James reminds us that faith and action aren’t loosely connected. Faith enlightens us to the work we get to be a part of, the very good work of making all things new with Jesus. Faith in Jesus frees us and compels us to be about that action now. This means that anything we do can be that something good.

Listen to the message for more: 

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