Good Work: the Best Promotion

I had a teacher once who was waaaay to excited about the quadratic equation…and derivatives and position and velocity and acceleration. He would teach about these things by singing about them to the tune of ’80’s songs. So picture a song about the quadratic equation in the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

This teacher could have done anything, and he chose teaching. That used to make little sense to me. I now realize this teacher had made up his mind about something along the way:

He didn’t need the promotion the world told him he needed to be well; living out his calling with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit was the best promotion.

My teacher could’ve done anything, and he was doing the best thing. He accepted his promotion to Spirit-filled good work in Christ. He was living out a high calling as a teacher.

The Apostle Paul thought about his work similarly. Paul was educated and skilled, and in the past, he was the guy who did everything for the sake of advancement. He even lived out his religious life with promotion in mind.

Then he encountered Jesus on the road, experienced Jesus’ deliverance, and followed Jesus’ calling into good work. 

Before Paul launched into his work with the Galatians–the tough work of crisis management–he was honest about his motives with the Galatians. He showed them how he understood himself and them in the work. He wondered about the motives of others.

My teacher and Paul remind us that if we consider who is with us in the work we do and why we do the work, we can do Jesus’ good, joyful work everywhere. Listen below to our second message in Good Work: 

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