Good Work: Gift

We’ve all had the gift that sat on the shelf and gathered dust. Maybe we had grand intentions about using the gift, but we never enacted those intentions. It stayed on the shelf until we gave it away.

God is a gift giver. God gives gifts to show us who God is and who we are because of God’s nature. God also gives us gifts to help us take our place in God’s mission to bring God’s reality to earth for eternity.

God has given each of us particular gifts and a role to play in the mission.

For so many of us, that is one of our gifts collecting dust on the shelf. Maybe it’s still wrapped and collecting dust on the shelf, because we don’t believe we have the gift. Maybe we’ve unwrapped it, but it’s still collecting dust, because we struggle to understand the gift and use it. Whatever the case, the gifts we need to do good work are there for us and for our neighbors.

Our purpose and joy is in unwrapping this gift from God and using it to do Christ’s good work.

Listen to the message from Sunday, June 18, 2017, for more:

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