Good Work: Identity, Role, and Place

If we were honest, many of us feel “boxed in” by our work. Our work doesn’t energize us. It stifles us. But maybe it isn’t our work…or maybe it is.

As we’ve talked about in this series, our work may not be the problem. The way we see work might be the culprit of our struggles. We’ve talked about how our first task is see our work as a calling to Good Work: In whatever work we do, if we see it as work God sends us into for the purpose of bringing God’s reality to earth as it is in heaven (which is Jesus’ prayer), we can do good work everywhere with everyone.

We also have to consider identity, role, and place.

We have to consider from whom and how we get our identity. Then, we have to think about the role to which we’re called with our work. Then, we have to think about the place where we embody our identity and live out our role.

Our identity is always given, never earned.

The good news is that God has given us an unshakable identity through Jesus Christ. We don’t earn that through our work, though we always ending up trying to increase our identity through work. When we’re centered in that reality and we’re growing in it, we’re free. 

Listen to the message from Sunday, June 25, 2017, for more on the subject: 


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